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Wir trauern um AL DUNN aka MR. OWL. Er ist mit gerade einmal 56 Jahren an Leukämie gestorben. Er ist somit das erste Mitglied der Masters of Reality der verstorben ist.
Al war MASTERS OF REALITY erster Keyborder und spielte unter anderen das tolle Intro auf deren ersten Platte zu “
Kill the King” ein.
Wir wünschen Seiner Frau und seinen Kindern alles Gute und viel Stärke. 16 Jahre lang, bis zu seinem Tode hat Al in Syracuse in der LETIZIA AND THE Z BAND die Keybords gepielt. Erfahrt
hier mehr über Ihn.


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TIM HARRINGTON: “My heart sunk when I heard Al had passed. I was unaware he was ill and  immediately I regretted not having seen him in many years. When we met i was 15 years and he was 16 or so. We learned songs and jammed in his mothers basement. Alice Cooper, Zeppelin, Johnny Winter.
Al had a Dan  Armstrong guitar and a Sunn concert lead amp. He really wasn't playing  keys yet. Al sang He did pretty good renditions as I recall. We played  in too many cover bands before he became a "Master". Intrinsically he  was quiet and thoughtful but on stage He became Salvador Liberace Dali. A Praying Mantis... In Memorium Alan Dunn.”

CHRIS GOSS: “A truly unique man passed today from leukemia in Syracuse, NY. Masters  of Reality' first keyboardist Mr Owl aka Al Dunn. Sudden news, sad.” (Twitter)



LETIZIA AND THE Z BAND: We reluctantly, and sadly, said good-bye today to one of the finest musicians, and people, this city has had the  pleasure to experience.
Al Dunn, our keyboard player and friend, for the past 16 years, passed away earlier today following a battle with leukemia. We so appreciated all the prayers, and caring that was shown over the  last couple of weeks. It was Al´s wish to keep this private, and, for  all of you to pray unconditionally without knowing why, was  overwhelming. It touched not just my heart, but Al´s wife as well, as  she saw all the love and prayers coming in on facebook.
We will all  miss Al more than we can express, but will remember him for the great  person, loving husband, father, and friend, that he was. Al, we love you, and will miss you forever !!!!!!!!!” (Facebook) (Photocredits)

GOOGE: “I want to say, the world lost a great person and a brilliant musician, I was lucky enough to be able to make music with Al (Mr. Owl) and will always be a better person for that experience!
He was truly a very special person, that we'll all miss, and love from my family to Melanie...”

MICHAEL JUDE OSTUNI: My condolences go out to Mel and Al´s children and his family. I asked Al  once why everyone called him Owl.... he told my that he and Harrington  used to play the hotel circuit down south and down south when they said  his name it sounded more like Owl than Al.. It stuck.”

RAKU WASHISHU TATANKA:I took piano lessons from Al (aka Mr. Owl)  when i was 10-11... it wasn't until i was 13 that i saw him onstage with the Masters of Reality, and he blew my young mind away, changing me  forever. RIP AL.”

JUSTIN FARRAR: “R.I.P. Al Dunn. I first met Mr. Owl in the '80s when he earned extra scratch  in my dad's nightclub band in Syracuse. I was just a little kid who  thought he was the coolest. Which, of course, he was.”