Interview with Vinnie Ludovico
© Thomas Hornbruch 2006

Vincent Michael Luduvico, den Fans besser bekannt als Vinnie Ludovico ist der Drummer des ersten Linup der Masters.
Durch Ihn hat der Beat der Masters eine menschliche Seele bekommen, denn er ersetzte die Drum- Maschine.
Seine Drumsolos in jeder Mastersshow waren legendär.
Vinnie war eine Zeit lang in Puerto Rico und verliebte sich in die dortige Musik. Dort fing er an die Percussion für sich zu entdecken. Heute ist Vinnie ein anerkannter Percussionist und lehrt dieses auch.
Eine Feststellung musste ich bei diesem Interview jedoch machen, Vinnie war mir vom ersten Augenblick sympathisch aber er ist kein großer Redner.

Thomas: What bands and music had influenced you when you was young and now?

Vinnie: Gene Krupa, James Brown and The Rolling Stones. Now I like Afro Cuban Folkloric (Bata, Rumba etc.)

Thomas: When and how do you met the Masters first time?

Vinnie: I played with Harrington in all sorts of situations for years prior to MOR. I joined the band officially in 1987.
I was the first drummer they used (I did the for song demo). From what I was told, Rubin passed on the drum machine demos and decided to record the band after the NYC gigs with me.


Thomas: Are you playing in other bands before the Masters?

Vinnie: See above.


Thomas: Do you had see the Masters play live with drummachine?

Vinnie: Yes.


Thomas: When do you start drumming?

Vinnie: I' ve been playing professionally since I was 12 years old.


Thomas: What kind of drums and cymbals did you play at the Masterstime?

Vinnie: Yamaha drums and Zildjian cymbals.


Thomas: What favourite drummers do you have?

Vinnie: Roy Haynes, Bonham and Elvin Jones


Thomas: After the Masters you played with Tim in the Band Bogeymen, what happens with you after the Bogeymen?

Vinnie: After a well needed break ,I started my studies of Afro-Cuban ceremonial drumming (Bata).


Thomas: On which other Albums you apper except Masters and Bogeyman (I know you play before the Masters in a Jazzcombo called "The Fabuous Diamonds" and I know from a Band called "The Philadelphia Pilon Xperiments" a very latinesque)?

Vinnie: Sam Kinison "LEADER of the BANNED" many demos and local productions.


Thomas: Do you have a look (follow up) at the following  Masters albums and the work of the old Bandmembers Tim and Chris?

Vinnie: Only Tim´s music.


Thomas: Now some personal questions that I ask all Bandmembers. When is your birthday?

Vinnie: My birthday is the 9th October 1952.


Thomas: Are you married and have children?

Vinnie: No.


Thomas: What is your job?

Vinnie: Musician.



Thomas: Now the favourite questions. What are your favourite albums?


A Love Supreme - John Coltrane

TIMBALAYE - Ralph Irizary

and any Roy Haynes


Thomas: What was the last movie you watch and what movie you can suggest a Mastersfan?

Vinnie: I suggest the film “Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia”.


Thomas: Favourite dinner and drink?

Vinnie: Veal chop Milanese and merlot wine.


Last question: What wan´t you say to all the Mastersfans outsite and to the anniverary?

Vinnie: Thank you for all the interest.


Thomas: Vinnie, thank you very much for this interview.


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