The Victor Indrizzo interview
© Thomas Hornbruch 2006

Victor Indrizzo war der direkte Nachfolgedrummer von Ginger Baker mitte der Neunziger bei den Masters of Reality.

Sein Spitzname war damals Vic “the Stick” Indrizzo und das nicht ohne Grund. Damals waren die Masters eine richtig geile Band, das 3. leider nie veröffentlichte Album “The Ballad of Jody Frosty” wurde mit Ihm eingespielt und er spielte Drums bei den beiden legendären Viper Room Auftritten, die zum Glück auf CD gebannt wurden.

Als die Masters dann Probleme mit dem Plattenlabel hatten, welches dann den Bach runter ging, musste jeder sehn wie er überlebte und wo er blieb, so verließ er die Master of Reality.

Heute trommelt er als Ausnahmedrummer bei Künstern wie Depeche Mode, Dave Gahen (solo), Macy Gray, Gwen Stefani, Chris Cornell (Sondgarden, Audioslave) oder sogar Shakira. (Wen es interessiert hier ist die gesamte Diskografie über Alben, Sondtrack TV-Auftritte usw.).

Doch nun zum offenen Interview:

Thomas: When and how do you met the Chris and the Masters?

Victor: I met Chris, Googe and Ginger on tour. I was in a band that opened for them on the "Sufferbus" tour, I think the tour was Alice in Chains, Masters and Circus of Power. Every night I watched with amazement at how great they were. At the end of the tour Chris called me and said Ginger was leaving and would I like to play with them, I couldn't believe that they would ask me so I was thrilled to do it.

Thomas: What do you think about your time playing with the Masters?

Victor: The time I spent in Masters was both a wonderful and hard time in my life. Musically it was very exciting and challenging, my personal life at that time was pretty rough I was recently divorced and just getting into a heroin habit ( I have been drug free for 8 years now) which the Masters didn't know about at that time. But I always loved working with Masters there was always great freedom and creativity.


Thomas: What kind of drums do you play at the time where you was one of the Masters?

Victor: If i remember right i was playing an old Ludwig kit on the recordings always with zildjian cymbal's.


Thomas: How far are you integrated at the songwriting of the album “The ballad of Jody Frosty”?

Victor: The wonderful thing about playing with Masters was that Chris was clearly the leader and the songwriter but we were allowed total freedom to play what we wanted and to chime in with ideas. There was a cool instrumental that I am not sure that was ever released that Chris played organ and guitar and I played piano and drums it was a cool kind of latin feel and an indicator of how much Goss was willing to experiment and take chances. I have always thought it was such a shame that record didn't come out till much later. But better late than never.

Thomas: Is there an interesting story (or insiderstory) you can tell us at your time as the Masterdrummer?

Victor: The thing I remember the most was spending time down in the desert at Chris and Cynthia's house working on songs, eating wonderful italian meals and they are such amazing beautiful people. I remember my first show with the Masters was in the desert at a small club and I was so nervous because a bunch of drummer's  came up to me before the show and were asking me very technical questions about Ginger's drum parts and being a self taught drummer I had know idea how he did I just knew how to recreate it by listening that I started to panic and I went to Goss and said "I don't think I can do this!" and he assured me I could and to just do my thing, and so I did and it went great. It is so sad to me that the US record companies have never truly understood The Masters and how special each period of the Masters has been. But it always brings a big smile to my face when I see something Chris has done or get a letter from a Masters fan. Viva Googe!!!!!


Thomas: Which 5 favourite records you would pic up if you must stay on a lonely island?

Victor: My 5 favourite records are

      Ray Charles "The Genius of..."

      Marvin Gaye  Live "what's going on concert in D.C."

      Beatles "Sgt.Pepper", "White album"

     John Coltane "Blue Trane"


Thomas: What kind of music to you hear now?

Victor: There are very few new acts I listen to but I would have to say I love QOTSA!


Thomas: When is your Birthday when I can ask you this question?

Victor: My birthday is sept. 23 1967 Freeport Long Island New York


Thomas: Hobbys?

Victor: Hobbies? I love Apple computer's and writing and playing music and spending time with my family, my children take up a lot of my time when I am not working.


Thomas: What do you wan´t to say to the Masters Fans?


Victor: I would like to say Thank you for supporting The Masters over the years and Viva la Googe!!!!!!!!!

Thomas: Victor, thank you very much for the interview!


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