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von Greg Prato



Masters of Reality, Nine Inch Nails Men Launch Goon Moon

Masters of Reality leader CHRIS GOSS and Nine Inch Nails touring bassist TWIGGY RAMIREZ (formerly of Marilyn Manson) have recorded teh ten-track EP I Got A Brand New Egg Layin' Machine under the moniker GOON MOON.



  "It's all over the fucking place," says Goss of the material. "It runs the gamut from pure rock to tracks that just sound like noise."

  Goss attributes the sonic anarchy to the songwriting/recording style.  "I'd walk in and Twiggy would be making noise on a synthesizer and I'd  throw a vocal on it," he says. "The next day, I'd be screwing around making noise on something, and Twiggy would throw a vocal on it. The  really refreshing thing is that there's no pressure on this to be anything."

  Although the chemistry between the two was instantaneous, it wasn't  until Ramirez brought along drummer Zach Hill -- from the California noisecore band, Hella -- that things really got rolling. "Whenhe first starts playing, most people would thing it was the first time he sat  behind a drum kit," say Goss, laughing. "It sounds like bombs going off -- someone going crazy."

  With a whopping fifty songs completed, Goon Moon plan to release a full-length and tour, once Ramirez's commitments with Nine Inch Nails  wrap up.

  But Goss isn't exactly betting on Brand New Egg achieving mainstream success. "It's a weird little record," he says. "I think a lot of people are going to be repulsed by it."