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15. Oktober 2003


Auszug aus dem KING´S X Interview...

Die MASTERS OF REALITY waren 1989 mit KING´S X auf Tour, als die Band (ziemlich am Anfang der Tour) in Chigaco splittete...

Tom: Back in 1988, you guys toured with  the band Masters of Reality, a band that was from Syracuse, NY. They are good friends of ours. Tim Harrington produced our band Born Again  Savages for our first three releases and will be on board again to produce our fourth. What are your thoughts on the Masters?

Doug: I loved those guys. They were a great band.

Jerry: I almost forgot about them...

Doug: I remember the first time I heard  them. We got the CD, and Rick Rubin, it was the first time I had heard him produce anything, but that record was sonically, just the most  amazing sounding record I had ever heard in my life. It changed everything for me. I think that is why we got them to tour with us. We just loved that record and had the opportunity to tour with them and we  said let's do it.

Jerry: I think they broke up on tour with us.

Tom: Yeah they did.

Tour Manager: We were playing in Chicago. We got to the gig and Tim (Harrington) and Vinny (Ludivico) were there, and Googe and Chris Goss had flown home and didn't tell anybody.

Doug: We don't know why they split up, we never saw them fighting or anything. They seemed to get along.

Tom: Well, Chris Goss has gone on to be  quite successful, working with Kyuss, and Queens of the Stone Age, and Tim Harrington has new band called Creepjoint as well as producing our CD.


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