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The Bogeymen - Cyberpunk Bluesmen!


Intensity and Imagination


2016 Cyberpunk bluesmen


Syrasuce´s Great Rock Hope, the Bogeymen, are getting good reviews across the country, and their video oft the single, „Killing Ground“, has been broadcast on MTV´s Headbanger´s Ball.

Now you can see and hear them live at the Zodiac, 314 S. Franklin St. On Thuesday, Jan 9 at 10 p.m.


Billboard magazine raved about the Bogeys´ debut Delicious Vinyl album, „There´s No Such Thing As…“, recommending the disc „for twisted album rockers and fortified modern rockers.“

Collage Music Journal charaterized the Bogeymen as „four cyberpunk bluesmen who met the devil at the crossroads and convinced him to join the band.“

But Pittsburgh City Paper heavy metal critic Chuck Eddy isn´t among those on the Bogeys´bandwagon; Eddy called the Bogeymen, „A Masters of Reality spinoff who alternate their sub-sub grunge with jazz kitsch, höppity beats, music-boc chimes and Sgt. Pepper passages, all of which add up to… well, capital punishment, I wish“


The live show will likely feature some new material, as well as songs from the album as „Goodbye Creator“, „Damn The Safety Nets“ and „Dancing On Your Grave“.

The Bogeymen include Tim Harrinton on guitar and vocals, Vinnie Ludovico on drums, Creamo Liss on bass and George Rossi on keyboards.

Admission will be 7$. For information call 472.COOL.